The Maltese Islands offer you the chance to dive all the year round in pristine conditions which are suitable for divers of all levels.

1.  Recreational Diving

Our clear, calm, warm waters, with its lack of significant tidal movement, makes the Maltese Islands a recreational diving delight.  The dive sites are easily accessible for all levels of divers. The development of a number of artificial reefs has provided an even wider variety of diving experiences.

2.  Technical Diving

Maltese waters are unique in their opportunity for technical expeditions. The three elements vital to ensuring a satisfying technical diving experience are water clarity, depth and wrecks/caves. We have a number of technical centres which cater for technical and rebreather divers, providing on-site mixes and ancillary equipment.

3.  Recreational Courses

Our island’s reputation for diving education is second to none. Our dive centres provide the widest variety of certifications from all the main training organisations, for divers from all countries. Centres run courses in a number of different languages. Whether you are a novice or an experienced diver there is something to suit and challenge you.

4.  Technical Courses

Again, our ideal water conditions make technical training more relaxed.  Learning complex and challenging new skills and drills in this environment provides a safe platform for your technical diving development.